How Avengers: Endgame Might Set Up Wolverine's X-Men Origin in MCU

Avenngers: Endgame might have set the stage for Wolverine to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and become the X-Men hero fans have come to know. As Disney has now acquired the rights to Mutant characters, it is only a matter of time until Logan shows up in the big screen world, so a story thread from Avengers: Endgame might just have an opportunity to play a part in the form of Adamantium.

Adamantium is the allow which makes up Wolverine's bones after he is experimented upon within the Weapon X program. The element is man-made and not natural with in the Marvel Comics canon. It also has not yet been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while another tremendously strong element has, with Vibranium playing a major part in several stories. Chief among those stories is Captain America's shield being made of the element based out of Wakanda but that shield was destroyed in Avengers: Endgame when Thanos used a weapon made of something stronger.

According to Marvel Comics, Adamantium is stronger than Vibranium.

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo confirmed on the movie's commentary track that the blade used by Thanos is, as seen in the movie, stronger than Vibranium and, therefore, Captain America's shield.

Previously, and on the commentary track, Joe Russo has teased that Thanos might have had Eitri make this blade for him. Eitri, hailing from Nivadelllir, knows how to make the deadliest and strongest weapons in the galaxy and those weapons are made of Uru. Uru is the same element which makes up Thor's Mjolnir hammer, which appeared to be an equal to Captain America's shield several times over but most specifically in The Avengers when he slammed it down on Captain America's shield and caused a massive wave of energy to burst out while neither object was damaged.

If the blade is not made of Nivadellir's Uru element, then Adamantium seems like a viable candidate. Whether or not Thanos' blade was wiped away with him when Tony Stark snapped his fingers is unknown. If it were left behind, then it is sitting in the remains of the Avengers HQ. Characters like Bruce Banner, Rocket Raccoon, and James Rhodes are among those who would probably be interested in the blade and its metal.

If this metal did stay behind, could it eventually fall into the wrong hands and lead to Adamantium being bonded with Wolverine's bones in a Weapon X-like story?


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Avengers: Endgame is now available on digital download and hits blu-ray on August 13.