Iron Fist Star Reveals How Benedict Cumberbatch Helped Him Nab His Role

This post contains spoilers for Iron Fist.There’s very rarely an Iron Fist story arc in the [...]

This post contains spoilers for Iron Fist.

There's very rarely an Iron Fist story arc in the Marvel Comics Universe that doesn't feature Davos in some shape, way, or form and when Danny Rand appeared for the first time in live action form — that carried over to the Netflix show.

With Danny first mentioning Davos (Sacha Dhawan) by name, calling him his friend from K'un-Lun, Davos eventually made his first appearance in the ninth episode. While many expected Davos to be in the series, it may have come as a surprise as the casting remained completely secret all the way up to the show premiering on Netflix.

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Dhawan has primarily starred in television shows over his acting career, including a brief stint on BBC's Sherlock alongside fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. And believe it or not, Dhawan recently said in an interview with RadioTimes that Cumberbatch may have played a part in getting him set up with a MCU role.

"When I was on Sherlock, I was in the midst of auditioning for Marvel. We had a huge fight scene that took about three days to shoot [and involved a swimming pool]. And obviously in between takes where they're setting up, me and Benedict would be sitting in a warm tent in absolutely soaking clothes. We had lots of time so we'd just chat and stuff. And I knew he'd done Doctor Strange, and he was asking 'Oh, what are you doing next?" Dhawan reflected. "And I said 'Actually Benedict I'm testing tomorrow for [Netflix series] Iron Fist," and he went 'Oh right, ok, great!' And then pulled out his phone and started typing away on his phone. And I thought 'that's a bit rude!' And he went, 'By the way, I'm just emailing a contact at Marvel.'"

Dhawan offered a humble response, even going to the length to tell Cumberbatch that he didn't need to take the time to put in a good word.

"And I went 'Oh!' And he went 'yeah yeah, I've put a good word in for you.' And I said 'Oh no, no, you don't have to do that!' and he went 'No it's my pleasure, I love working with you.'" explained Dhawan. "And then when we were filming, we'd just had a big punch-up in that scene and he then said 'they've e-mailed me back, and they'll pass on the message.'"

While we have yet to hear if Iron Fist will be renewed for a second season, a reasonable assumption would include Davos as a major antagonist as Danny fights for his right to serve as the Living Weapon.

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