Chance The Rapper Shares Photo From 'Black Panther' Set

The trailers for Marvel Studios' first film of 2018 have featured songs from of the most popular [...]

The trailers for Marvel Studios' first film of 2018 have featured songs from of the most popular hip hop artists putting out music today. Though we've yet to hear any songs from Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper tied to the film, he's still taken an interest in Black Panther.

Chance posted a new photo to his Instagram page where he, his girlfriend, and their daughter are posing with Chadwick Boseman on the set of Black Panther. Check out the photo below!

Kensli on the set of Black Panther in Atlanta

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The Chicago native took the trip to Atlanta to visit the set with his family while Black Panther was in production this year, apparently.

There's not much revealing by way of the photo, except Boseman does seem to be dressed like a civilian but is still wearing the claw pendant necklace that's part of his superhero costume.

The first trailer for the film was backed by Run the Jewels' "Legend Has It," which isn't surprising considering RTJ's frequent collaboration with Marvel Comics. The professed comic nerds have gone on to lend a lot of support to Black Panther and also made videos for Ta-Nahesi Coates' run on the comic book.

The second trailer featured Vince Staples' song "BagBak," from his new album Big Fish Theory. While the song was heavily censored, it is a thematic fit for the film considering its about how those in power are beheld to the people they rule, encouraging people black people to recognize their political relevancy.

The Black Panther movie is said to be heavily influenced by Coates' comic, which has focused on the politics of Wakanda as an isolationist monarchy and how T'Challa governs the people. The comic has given focus to political unrest in the society and forced T'Challa to face some hard truths about how he rules the country.

Hopefully we get to hear Chance the Rapper on the film's soundtrack, whether it's a new song or something from his wonderful three mixtapes he's released in his career thus far. Though he might not be featured on it and was just visiting the set to have a good time with his family, a Chance song backing some Black Panther ass kicking would be very welcome in the new film.

Black Panther premieres in theaters February 16, 2018.