'Black Panther': "Meet Nakia" Featurette Released

With just one month to go until Marvel Studios' latest superhero epic premieres in theaters, fans [...]

With just one month to go until Marvel Studios' latest superhero epic premieres in theaters, fans are starting to learn more about the supporting characters of Black Panther.

The latest look at the movie comes from the Disney Channel featurette Movie Surfers, in which we get to hear new details about Lupita Nyong'o's character Nakia. Check it out in the video above!

"Nakia is an undercover spy," says Nyong'o in the clip. "She takes people down any way she can."

When asked if Nakia is afraid of anything, Nyong'o simply replies, "Nothing she will admit to."

Throughout the featurette, we get to see footage of Nakia infiltrating an event before things go wrong. She has to kick some heads in, and later reports to T'Challa about her mishaps. She also aids the Black Panther in what appears to be the high-speed chase scene in which they try to intercept Klaw.

The featurette then shows Movie Surfer host Janelle as she partakes in a lesson to do a movie-style throw for a fight scene. It's actually pretty funny considering the clip comes with a disclaimer for kids, likely the target audience for this video given it's the Disney Channel, advising children not to try the fight sequence at home.

The video then goes on to provide step-by-step instructions for executing the throw, as if kids won't attempt to emulate what they see on screens. Go Disney Channel!

Lupita Nyong'o's character is but one of the bad ass women who will help aid Black Panther in his quest to protect Wakanda from nefarious threats. Nakia will be aided by one of T'Challa's greatest allies, the Dora Milaje fighter known as Okoye played by Danai Gurira. They'll also be joined by T'Challa's sister Shuri, portrayed on screen by Letitia Wright.

Black Panther is one of the most anticipated Marvel Studios film to date, having broken records for how many advanced tickets its already sold. After the announcement of Kendrick Lamar's soundtrack album for the film, hype has started to reach a fever pitch — and it's unlikely to die down until well after the movie premieres.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th.