'Black Panther': Truth Revealed TV Spot Released

As the promotional onslaught for Marvel Studios' latest film starts to gain some steam, fans are [...]

As the promotional onslaught for Marvel Studios' latest film starts to gain some steam, fans are getting a closer look at the abilities and gadgets used by the King of Wakanda.

A new TV spot for Black Panther just debuted, teasing that the secrets of the T'Challa's home country will come to light in the new movie. Check it out in the video above!

The clip starts out with Martin Freeman reprising his role as Everett Ross, asking T'Challa "how much more are you hiding." Black Panther responds that the truth will be revealed in time.

We get glimpses at the major fight scenes as Forrest Whitaker's character ominously states that a war is coming, while Andy Serkis as Klaue teases Ross about knowing nothing about T'Challa's true nature.

The intricacies of Black Panther's plot are being kept under wraps, much like the secrets of Wakanda, though we do know where one of the central conflicts stems from. Klaue will team up with Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, whose family was exiled from Wakanda. Now he wants to exact revenge against T'Challa, the royal family, and the rest of the country.

A previous TV spot hinted at Killmonger's conflict with the Black Panther, teasing an explosive fight between the two.

At heart of the film, the tech, and the country, is the fictional metal known as Vibranium. It is one of the most powerful substances in the world and can be used for many different purposes, such as the tech that powers Black Panther's suit, the Vision's body, and the shield Captain America wields.

Serkis previously appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, figuring prominently into the Vibranium storyline, setting up his appearance in Black Panther.

"We were all working and consulting back on Ultron, working with James Spader and Mark Ruffalo and initiating them into the process of motion-capture, because they were both using performance-capture. We were providing services for that," Serkis said. Then, [director] Joss Whedon said, 'Hey, this is crazy, why don't you come and be in the show?' And I thought, 'Oh, alright, that'd be fun.'"

And while his return wasn't set in stone, he had an idea that Marvel would call him once again.

"So that happened and then, of course, when this came along, I knew that he was part of the Black Panther story," Serkis said. "It's just really great being back."

Black Panther premieres February 16th.