Captain America: Civil War Launches With 100% Positive Reviews On Rotten Tomatoes

Captain America Civil War IMAX Poster Top
(Photo: IMAX, Marvel Entertainment)

The first Captain America: Civil War reviews are here, and they're overwhelmingly positive. Our own review, completely spoiler-free, calls the movie the "best Marvel [Studios] movie so far," and says it's "a truly epic and gigantic super hero film with on point emotional moments and the best action sequences to date."

Well, everyone seems to agree, at least for now, with the first 14 reviews from RottenTomatoes approved reviewers all positive. An average rating of 8.8/10 and 100% fresh is a great start for the film, still two weeks out from release in the UK, and three weeks for the US release.

Now, this is just a start, but it's a great start. The average blockbuster film will count anywhere from 100 to even 300+ reviews, so time will tell how it holds. For reference, Captain America: The First Avenger finished certified fresh with a 79% and 244 reviews. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, from the same writers and directors as Civil War topped off at 89% with 255 reviews counted.


Captain America: Civil War hits domestic theaters May 6, 2016.