Marvel Fans Create Amazing Captain America Shield That Bounces

There are Marvel fans, and then there are Marvel fans. This week, a video featuring fans of [...]

There are Marvel fans, and then there are Marvel fans. This week, a video featuring fans of Captain America went mega-viral after they managed to build a real-life shield that could bounce off surfaces, just like the character's iconic prop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a lengthy video shared to the YouTube account of JLaservideo, a step-by-step process shows the build-out of the physics-defying shield.

Naturally, the shield isn't built from vibranium, the fictional metal rooted deep within the MCU, nor can it stop any serious attacks from Thanos or the Winter Soldier. But it can, in fact, bounce off walls and similar materials with relative ease. The content creator even made a rig that'd allow the shield to attach to his wrist.

As of this writing, the YouTube video featuring the full build of the shield has just under 5.5 million views. Furthermore, a TikTok featuring a clip from the video gathered an additional 3.9 million views. You can check the YouTube video for yourself up above.

The shield itself may not be movie quality, but the good thing is it doesn't need to be — Anthony Mackie already has that covered as the actor works on his Captain America 4 return.

"Well, because the shield belongs to Steve, and you know, Sam got into this because of his relationship with Steve. Sam wasn't waiting in the wings, hoping and waiting to become Captain America," Mackie previously explained when asked why Sam was struggling with taking up the Cap mantle.

"The whole goal and idea was to save the world with Steve. So if he's Cap, that means Steve is no longer with him," Mackie added. "So, it takes the fun out of it. You know, the idea of being a superhero and being Captain Americaas a Black man, representing a symbol that for 500 years, has literally enslaved, downtrodden, and persecuted you people is a harsh reality to try and come to grips with."

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