'Captain Marvel' Directors Pitch Goose the Cat Spinoff Movie

Captain Marvel is resonating with fans for a variety of reasons, though it is hard to argue that a [...]

Captain Marvel is resonating with fans for a variety of reasons, though it is hard to argue that a certain lovable kitty named Goose is also one of the stars of the film. The little scene stealer was responsible for some of the most humorous and endearing moments in the movie and was always on directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's wishlist for the film. We eventually learned there was much more to the cat than shown in the trailers, and part of his impressive abilities could make for a very entertaining spinoff movie...well, fun for everyone but one character in particular.

In a new interview, Boden and Fleck were asked about Goose and if he was always part of the plan.

"Definitely always," Boden told the Empire Podcast. "It was one of the very very first ideas when we were all getting in a room together with the guys at Marvel and our co-writer. We were throwing ideas on a blackboard with no idea what the structure of the story is gonna be, just like what might we want to see from the comics in this movie, that was definitely one of like the very top things we always wanted to see in the movie. It's so awesome in the comics. I mean...a cat...who's a Flerken...who has pocket dimensions? I mean that is, there was no way that wasn't going to end up in this movie."

Fleck then went on to wonder what a Goose movie could look like and envisioned one humorous scenario involving Talos.

"I wonder what goes on inside," Fleck said. "Like you said if there were a spinoff, maybe we go inside the Flerken. Like what if Talos got sucked in and then you could spend time with a Flerken and Talos."

"It's what he feared all along, that he was going to end up in pocket dimensions inside that Flerken," Boden said.

Speaking of Talos fear of Flerkens, that comes directly from the comics, though it required a little tweaking for the movie.

"Well, that's also from the comics," Boden said. "I mean in the comics it's Rocket who's scared of the Flerken, and we didn't have Rocket in this movie, but we just thought it would be so funny for Talso who's like our baddie, our villain, and he's kind of threatening this whole group of people and then he sees this little cute adorable cat and it scared the living bejesus out of him, so we thought that that was just a funny scene and a funny moment and so that's where we kind of flipped the idea and turned it into the Skrull that's scare of the Flerken.

Want to know more about Goose's time in the comics? You can check that out and more right here!

Captain Marvel is in theaters now.


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