Captain Marvel Executive Producer Seemingly Confirms Unnoticed Marvel Villain Cameo

Marvel fans are usually pretty good about spotting the cross-connections of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn't mean they always catch everything. Take the recent example of Captain Marvel, which apparently had more cameos from MCU characters than initially thought.

In a recent Reddit AMA with Marvel Studios Head of Production Victoria Alonso, one fan had a question about some of the movie's depiction of '90s-era SHIELD, which apparently has some deeper character connections to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD than many fans realized!

Here's what Reddit user Pedgrid spotted in the Captain Marvel footage: "...was that a Pre-Blackout Marcus Daniels (a villain from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) tending the bar Carol and Fury were at? They share the same actor, Patrick Brennan."

To which Victoria Alonso responded with: "You noticed?"

If you don't recall, Markus Daniels was the primary villain of Agents of SHIELD's notable Season One episode, "The Only Light in the Darkness". He was the stalker of Audrey Nathan (Amy Acker), aka "The Cellist" that Phil Coulson was in love with, and had been romantically involved with, before Loki killed him in The Avengers. As a physicist, Daniels had been exposed to an energy called the "Darkforce," which allowed him to absorb/manipulate all forms of energy. When Daniels returned as "Blackout" to finally claim Audrey as his own, it led to a showdown with SHIELD and Phil Coulson that left the villain dead.

What's funny about Daniels showing up in Captain Marvel is that his MCU biography notes that the character's "education included a science degree in physics from a university between 1990 and 1996." Well, now we know that the "university" in question must've been located in LA, but the timeline definitely fits with the events of Captain Marvel, as Daniels is likely bartending as a side job to help pay for his schooling.


That's just a minor character Easter egg within the grand web of MCU cross-connections, but it's the type of deep cut that fans appreciate. Recently we had another such discovery, as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently confirmed (during his own Reddit AMA), that Martin Starr's "Mr. Harrington" from the Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home series is the same student form Culver University that gave Ed Norton's Bruce Banner access to the computer lab in The Incredible Hulk! It really is all connected guys!

Did you spot this Captain Marvel/Agents of SHIELD character connection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!