'Agents of SHIELD' Star Chloe Bennet Freaking Out Fans With Cryptic Tweets

Let's face it: this week has been rough for fans of television. Ahead of upfronts next week, the [...]

Let's face it: this week has been rough for fans of television. Ahead of upfronts next week, the networks have been getting ahead of the curve and announcing their various renewals and cancellations.

With the future of Agents of SHIELD seemingly in limbo, actress Chloe Bennet has taken to Twitter today with a set of cryptic tweets that aren't necessarily sitting well with the SHIELD faithful.

The popular saying goes something like "Silence speaks louder than words," and in the case of Bennet, that saying reigns true.

In Bennet's case, all she had to do was tweet a set of ellipses to get fans worried up on television's Black Friday.

As you can see above, the tweets read virtually nothing. But on this day of cancellations — especially one in which ABC canceled a fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe show in Inhumans — it's still enough to worry fans.

Looking in her mentions, fans are feeling all types of ways ranging from sadness thinking the show has been cancelled to thrilled about the idea of a possible season six renewal.

Some of the show's producers spoke earlier in the year about season five being the sendoff for Agents of SHIELD.

Producer Jeff Bell said the upcoming fifth season finale could potentially serve as a series finale as well.

"Right now, we're writing a series end," Bell said to Entertainment Weekly. "Because as far as we know, this could be it."

Showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen responded that this finale could also serve to tee off more episodes in the future.

"We'll never end something without the potential for more story," Tancharoen said. "That's how we've ended every season, because whenever we've come to the end of all the seasons past, we go into that mostly not knowing until the very last minute, so we're basically doing the same thing to close out Season 5. It can fit well as a possible series finale, and it can fit well as just another season's end."

Co-showrunner Jed Whedon added, "You always want to leave the idea that there's more stories, it's a question of whether or not we will tell them. We have our end, and we'll stick to it regardless, and we think it'll work either way."