Chris Evans Reveals His Avengers: Endgame Illegal Set Video

Apparently there's only one Chris in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise who actually follows the rules. Following Chris Pratt's recent posting of a video he shot while filming Avengers: Endgame's massive final battle (totally against Marvel Studios rules and mandates!), we now have a similar set video from Captain America himself, Chris Evans, making the rounds on social media!

Check out what Evans managed to capture, by watching the video below!

Chris Evans' set video shows all of the various MCU actors hanging out in their various franchise cliques. It looks like a the attitude on set was as light and fun as you would hope from Marvel movie milestone moment this big - and it's clear why Evans would want to capture and preserve this moment as a cherished memory. After all: Chris Evans' Captain America has been the most dynamic character in the MCU thus far, With his three solo films sporting very different identities, and each offering something pivotal to the larger MCU. His story came to a (heart-warming? frustrating? confusing?) ending with Endgame's big finale, which has effectively retired Evans from his Captain America role for the foreseeable future.

This video from Evans fits nicely as a companion piece to what Chris Pratt posted, which was clearly from a point later on in shooting, as Evans' video shows everyone in plain clothes, while Pratt's has people in early stages of makeup for the sequence. The big irony (hypocrisy?) is that Pratt's video actually ends with Evans giving Pratt a Chris-on-Chris "d*ck tap," for filming on set, while delivering the admonishment "Big trouble." That's Captain America giving a lecture, and a D-tap for punishment. All in a days work for America's greatest ass.

Seriously though, hopefully there are more "illegal" videos from the Avengers: Endgame cast on the way, as they give us one-of-kind insights into what making this monumental and record-shattering movie was really all about, from the perspective of the people who made it. The compilation of these videos are going to make for one hell of a documentary, some day.

Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel are now in theaters. Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5th.


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