Comic Book Previews for October 21st, 2009

Another week, another Wednesday, and more comics! James Robinson and Mark Bagley officially [...]

Another week, another Wednesday, and more comics! James Robinson and Mark Bagley officially begin their take on DC's premiere super hero team when Justice League of America #38 hits comic book stores this week. It's the beginning of a new era when a villain from the past returns to wreak havoc on a team that has been hit hard recently by personnel changes and plenty of tragedy! Speaking of the past, Azrael #1 debuts, with the character starring in his own solo series following a two-part story in recent Batman and Detective Comics annuals! Fabian Nicieza will be handling the stories and Ramon Bachs will take care of the artistic duties in this book featuring another of Gotham's costumed figures! Just in time, Superman/Batman #65 offers up a Halloween tale focusing on what fear lies deep in the hearts of men! The DC Halloween Special 2009 returns on the heels of last year's hit one-shot issue. It's quite a treat with over 80 pages, featuring stories with characters such as Bizarro and Red Robin. Barry Allen finds himself side-by-side with the WWII Blackhawks, as the Flash sees action in The Brave and the Bold #28. Psycho Pirate, the Black Lantern version anyway, squares off with the heroes of Smallville in the finale of Blackest Night: Superman with this third issue. Power Girl reaches the end of her current "Space Girls Gone Wild" story arc in the pages of Power Girl #6!

Dark Avengers #10 promises some possible Green Goblin goodness. Could this be the beginning of the end of Norman Osborn's hold on the Marvel universe? Need more Avengers fun? Check out Mighty Avengers #30, as the combined might of several Avengers teams faces down an Inhuman threat. Literally! Spider-Woman #2 follows up the runaway success of the first issue as Jessica finds herself facing down aliens and it's her first week on the job! Remember Emplate? The big bad of Generation X? He's back, this time in the pages of X-Men: Legacy #228! Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1 sees Marvel's green giant in Osborn's crosshairs this week, and don't forget to pick up Incredible Hulk #603 for all your hulky needs! Amazing Spider-Man #609 sees the after effects of the Clone Saga intensify with this issue!

Image Comics' Chew #5 brings about the conclusion to the first story arc for this unusual detective story! The Invincible inspired mini-series Atom Eve and Rex Splode begins this week with issue one. See the origin of Rex and how exactly he came about to know Atom Eve! Speaking of Invincible, be sure to pick up issue 67 of the series, which will wrap up the current "Preparations for War" story arc! Elephantment #22 also arrives, don't forget! Boom! Studios' Poe wraps up this week with issue four, bringing the 19th-century mystery to a close! See how the literary world of Poe ties together in this clever mini-series! Dark Horse brings us a variety of tales this week, starting with animal-themed Beasts of Burden #2. Can the team of pets dig up the missing pups? And in a completely related story, Zero Killer #6 as the hero continues his quest to find the elusive metal briefcase in this tale of a post-apocalyptic world. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #46 brings part two of "Destroyer" to the page, and 40 more pages of space-spanning adventure! Dynamite Entertainment brings a triple threat this week, with The Lone Ranger and Tonto #3 and the collections Garth Ennis' The Complete Battlefields vol. 1 and Savage Tales of Red Sonja. If you haven't picked out a costume yet, there's no shortage of inspiration from this week's comic book releases! Pick up your books before you buy all that Halloween candy!!