Comic Book Previews for October 28th, 2009

Happy early Halloween, comic book readers! Which super hero, villain, character will you be this [...]

Happy early Halloween, comic book readers! Which super hero, villain, character will you be this year? How much did you spend on your costume? Hopefully not too much, as there's comic book reading to be done! So sit down with that bowl of candy (or apples if you're that house on the street) that was meant for the kids and dig right in, as there are TONS of books on the way this week! Marvel kicks things off with a double shot of The List, with both Wolverine and The Punisher getting one-shots in the style of the previous Dark Reign: The List one-shots. What will be the fate of Frank Castle's run as the one-man army against crime? Can Wolverine stop Osborn's plans for the Weapon Plus program? Read and find out! X Necrosha One-Shot #1 keeps the Halloween spirit going, as the dead of the X-Men universe rise this week, part of Selene's (the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club) plan to claim the soul of every mutant, living or dead! Who will return from the beyond in this X-Force story? Vampire hunter Anita Blake's adventures continue this week with Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse-Executioner #1. Will she have all the answers she seeks in this issue? Ms. Marvel #46 brings to a close the "War of the Marvels" storyline. Who will stand as the one, true Ms. Marvel? Speaking of conclusions, both Marvel Divas and the Dark Reign: Young Avengers stories come to a finale this week with issues four and five respectively. And in keeping up with the stores, Marvel Holiday Spectacular #1 brings you a walloping issue on...Christmas? Yep, tons of Christmas-themed stories come your way this week! Just in time, right?

Blackest Night #4 leads a pack of DC titles this week, as the war being raged by the Black Lanterns reaches its halfway point. And hey, isn't that Copperhead on the cover?? Over in Gotham, Detective Comics #858 gives us the origin story of Kate Kane, The Batwoman! Batman #692 kicks off a new story arc for new Batman Dick Greyson, and appearances by Catwoman and the Huntress in this issue are a good way to start! The shakeup of one of the oldest super hero teams continues in the pages of Justice Society of America #32. Is Mr. Terrific really dead? Who betrayed the team? Find out what happens next in this Bill Willingham/ Matthew Sturges-penned series! Wonder Woman continues her battle with Achilles, the new ruler of the Amazons (what?) in Wonder Woman #37 and it's the end of the line for three limited series this week, as Blackest Night: Teen Titans, The Last Days of Animal Man, and Ambush Bug: Year None end with issues three, six and seven respectfully.

Dark Horse has a couple of tasty treats this week, in the form of some familiar and beloved characters no less! Abe Sapien One-Shot takes us back to Abe's early days with the B.P.R.D. See how this early mystery affected young Abe. Groo returns to us in Groo: The Hogs of Horder #1, thereby kicking off a new mini-series of adventures for everyone's favorite, uh "warrior". Image Comics has Dynamo 5 action for us this week with that series' issue twenty-five. Pour through the forty-plus pages of narrative in this issue, and be sure to pick up Age of Bronze #29 while you're at it! Boom! brings a new series to stores this week with the release of Hunters Fortune #1. The story features Hunter Prescott, noted slacker, inheriting a fortune from his uncle, on the condition that he continue his late uncle's treasure hunting adventures! Muppet Peter Pan #2 continues the adventures around Boom's latest Muppet story, and in a completely different direction, Die Hard: Year One #2 continues the origin story of NYPD's own John McClane! Wow, quite a pile of reading you all have to do before any weekend tricking and treating takes place! Have a safe and happy Halloween comic fans! We'll see you next week (November??) for more previews!!