ComicBook Nation Episode 12: 'Captain Marvel' Review & DC Universe Shakeups

Welcome to another episode of ComicBook Nation - the official podcast of!In this [...]

Welcome to another episode of ComicBook Nation - the official podcast of!

In this episode we review and discuss Marvel's Captain Marvel, discuss the big recent shakeups with DC TV Shows and Movies, and drop some breaking news about the next Avengers: Endgame footage!

Note: Don't Worry about SPOILERS! Our movie review segments are split into Spoiler-Free and Full Spoilers sections, so that you can listen both before and after you see the film!

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Each episode consists of the "News Flash" where we quickly go over some of the major headlines that have hit the site before jumping into the "Deep Dive", where we unpack and discuss some of the bigger topics of discussion within the fandom.

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