Save up to 80% on Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Masterworks

In case you haven’t heard, longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott will be concluding his run on [...]


In case you haven't heard, longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott will be concluding his run on Amazing Spider-Man with issue #801 in June in order to take over Invincible Iron Man. This will cap a run of ten years and 189 issues of Spider-Man adventures for Slott, an achievement that is only surpassed by one Brian Michael Bendis. We still think that's worth a big Amazon sale in Slott's honor don't you?

Now through Jan. 29, you can save on collections of Slott's critically-acclaimed work on Spider-Man, Silver Surfer and more. Just hit this link and fill up your Kindle device with 42 of Slott's masterworks, most of which are priced in the $3 to $4 range. That equates to discounts as high as 80%.

Inside you'll find many of the titles that we chose on our list of the five best Dan Slott Spider-Man stories, but here are some direct links to popular titles that are on sale:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Parker Luck: $3.99 - 64% off
Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy: $2.99 - 83% off
Spider-Man: Matters of Life and Death: $3.99 - 69% off
Silver Surfer Vol. 1: New Dawn: $2.99 - 83% off

Head on over to Amazon to check out all of the titles in the Dan Slott sale. Don't wait too long because the sale ends on January 29th.

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