Daredevil Actor Charlie Cox Wants to See Jon Bernthal Return as the Punisher

Marvel's Loki on Disney+ set the stage for a lot of things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, making multiversal variants of already known characters a key element of its plot (and preparing for the arrival of Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror). Many fans have thought that by building up this side of the MCU mythology that Marvel Studios might be taking some of the popular characters from the Marvel shows on Netflix and bringing them officially into the MCU (turning the Netflix shows into other universe 'variants'). While rumors continue to persist about a return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home the actor has another actor from the shows he'd like to see appear, Jon Bernthal as The Punisher.

Speaking with Forbes, Cox said: "I don't know what the politics are, I don't know what goes on behind the scenes. I don't know any of that stuff. I don't know what the rules are, the deal that Netflix made... Whatever I say it can be taken out of context and it could be a headline that could mean something, so I'm just a little careful with what I say now. But, the only thing I'll say is I don't know who could do a better version of The Punisher than Jon Bernthal. And that character is beloved, people are crazy for Frank Castle. So if they're going to do it again, I hope they do it with him because I don't think it gets better than that."  

Bernthal isn't the only one that Cox wants to see back in the part either, lobbying for Krysten Ritter to come back as Jessica Jones as well.

"I feel the same way about Krysten Ritter," he added. "I know that Jessica Jones, the character isn't quite as well known as Frank Castle is, but what a performance. What a great show that was."  

To her credit, Ritter herself has opened up about being eager to return as well, and though Bernthal has seemed open to it he's perhaps hedging his bets on it not happening.


"You know, we'll see," Bernthal previously told Screen Rant about a reprisal. "I mean, honestly, I don't think about it very much. I'm really happy -- look, we're all enormously blessed to be doing this. I can say for the other guys that you're talking to as well, we really love this. We really love doing this. We work hard at it, we support our families by it, through it, but we never lose touch just how grateful we are to be in the position that we are that we get to do this for a living. I like to do this. I like to work with people I really respect and love and admire and make stuff with. This kind of project is precisely, it's exactly the kind of stuff I want to be doing. So, whatever else comes, you know, kind of down the road, comes. But, this is something that's really worth celebrating."

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