Daredevil Reveals His Identity

Daredevil got pretty lucky when his identity was made secret once more after his encounter with [...]

Daredevil got pretty lucky when his identity was made secret once more after his encounter with the Purple Man, but now he's exposed it once more.

Spoilers incoming for Daredevil #609, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

We good? Good. So Daredevil #609 finds Matt Murdock recovering from being hit by a truck, and the resulting impact has not only given him some wounds to heal but has also changed his outlook on the impending case against Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin.

Having survived this latest incident Murdock decides it is time to live life a little more to the fullest, as his life could literally end at any given time. He heads to see the rest of his team, which consists of Reader, Frank, and Cypher, and tells they "we're going about this all wrong."

(Photo: Marvel)

The group tells Murdock they are doing everything they can, and that investigations like this take time. They're making progress on numerous fronts, but progress is slow thanks to Fisk's penchant for covering his tracks. Murdock assures them it isn't them that is the problem or their work, rather, it is not using all the advantages at their disposal. "The problem is how I've been thinking about this from the start," Murdock says. "Frank called this an investigation. It's not. It's a war."

"I'll say it again. This is a war," Murdock says. "We need every weapon we've got, and we need to be able to trust each other completely. We can't keep secrets that would prevent us from being able to fight fisk effectively. I can't keep secrets."

With that, he pulls out his Daredevil mask and shows the team, but Frank doesn't quite put it together yet.

It's my mask," Murdock says. I am Daredevil."

Frank is insanely curious about how but also asks how this changes things. "We've been trying to find some hidden piece of information that will explain how Fisk fixed the mayoral election and stole this city. Digging through records, looking for clues, playing cops and lawyers. But that's not what we are."

He tells them the perfect person to target is James Wesley, Fisk's right-hand man.

"He knows everything," Murdock says. I say we go kidnap him. We're vigilantes for god's sake. Let's go break the law."

Daredevil #609 is written by Charles Soule and drawn by Phil Noto and you can find the official description below.

"The eleventh hour draws near as Matt Murdock prepares to square off against the Kingpin of Crime! Matt is forced to ask himself how long he can take hits against the ropes as Daredevil before he has to hang up the horns. But first, Matt will have to embark on a crusade to free the city of New York from Wilson Fisk's mayoral reign!"

Daredevil #609 is in comic stores on October 17.