Daredevil: Netflix Series Star Speaks Out on Disney+ Revival

The campaign to Save Daredevil has finally paid off. Daredevil was cancelled by Netflix in 2018 because Disney had its eyes on expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take over television as well. Unlike most cancelled shows, Daredevil was critically acclaimed and wildly popular, and fans have consistently campaigned for Disney and Marvel to bring it back in some capacity. With both Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio now officially in the MCU, that time has come, and a Daredevil revival is coming to Disney+.

There's no word just yet on exactly how the Daredevil comeback will work, or if Disney+ will keep the storyline and characters going from the Netflix series, but the show's alumni are certainly intrigued by the development. Amy Rutberg, who played Marci on Daredevil, took to Twitter to comment on the revival news, indicating that people will be excited about the show going forward.

Most of the Daredevil cast has been enthusiastic about a possible return ever since the show was cancelled. Earlier this year, Deborah Ann Woll talked to Den of Geek about wanting to play Karen Page again.

"I would gladly, in a heartbeat, pick Karen back up. Obviously I would want it to be the right thing, I wouldn't want to go for it if it felt completely different from what we did," Woll explained. "I would come back because I want to play with Matt Murdock again. I want to play with Frank Castle again. I want to see these characters again. Even though I've stayed in touch with the humans, the characters are also fascinating people."

Woll went on to say that she has build connections not just to Karen Page, but all of the characters she interacted with in Daredevil. She ultimately circled back to the original question to definitively say she'd be open to another shot at Daredevil.

"And it is a weird thing as an actor, you have a relationship to fictional characters," the actress continued. "That's your job. Your job is to create a genuine relationship to something that doesn't exist, and it affects you as though it does. That's the hardest part. So my response to your question is, should they call, I am here with open ears."

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