'Daredevil' Season 3 Introduces Important X-Men Character

The latest season of Daredevil has finally arrived on Netflix, introducing the fan-favorite villain Bullseye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it might also be laying some low-key groundwork for the future Fox acquisitions.

At the end of the season, Daredevil introduces a character with huge importance in X-Men lore, and he could have a huge impact on the series moving forward.

Warning: Major spoilers for Daredevil Season Three below.

In the final episode of the season, disgraced FBI agent Benjamin Poindexter sustains major injuries requiring reconstructive surgery on his spine.

One of the operating doctors refers to the damage being irreparable and mentions something called "Cogmium steel." He then refers to the other surgeon as Dr. Oyama, which might not sound all that intimidating at first — unless you're familiar with Wolverine's comic book history.

In the comics, Bullseye suffers a similar injury, and his spine is repaired with the help of adamantium by a villain named Lord Dark Wind, whose real name is Kenji Oyama. Lord Dark Wind created the process of bonding bones with adamantium, perfecting it with Wolverine.

He is also the father of Wolverine's nemesis Lady Deathstrike, making him an integral part of the character's history and X-Men lore.

So what's the deal with Dr. Oyama in the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Series showrunner Erik Oleson spoke with ComicBook.com about the changes he had to make to Bullseye's origin story.

"Well, you've seen the season now, and he is not yet fully Bullseye. Like he doesn't have his- I'm not even allowed to use the word 'adamantium' because Marvel and Fox and Disney haven't merged yet," Oleson said. "But in the comics, obviously, Bullseye, he's got abilities that are heightened, and I was more interested in telling the grounded psychological story of how a real person becomes Bullseye, because that fit in with not just the tone and style that I wanted to use for Season Three, which was somewhere between Season One of the show and The Sopranos, but it allows me to just keep the show grounded."


As Oleson said, they cannot exactly set up adamantium at this point, but if Daredevil continues with a fourth season (which isn't exactly a 'sure thing' at this point), perhaps the Fox purchase will be finalized by then.

Daredevil Season Three is now streaming on Netflix.