Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool 3 Will Share This Surprising Element With Spider-Man at Marvel

When Deadpool 3 hits theaters at some point in the next couple of years, it will have a distinction only the Spider-Man franchise has had. According to Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 3 will be produced in part by the actor's Maximum Effort production house, making it the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the Spider-Man franchise to be produced by a studio other than Marvel Studios.

There is one exception to the rule if you factor 2008's The Incredible Hulk into the mix. The movie was both distributed by Universal Pictures due to a previous agreement between the studio and Marvel Studios. The Ed Norton-starring flick was produced by both Marvel Studios and Gale Ann Hurd's Valhalla Entertainment.

Reynolds made the reveal in a profile by Forbes, looking at the actor's recent foray into a handful of entrepreneurial endeavors.

"These days, I don't much care about making the best ad," he told the magazine. "I care about making the most effective ad and that means championing engagement over broadcasting. If you can really seize a cultural moment and jump into the conversation, then your brand becomes the conversation and I think that's something that has been a real privilege to be a part of."

He added, "The last 10 years, I have been really much less afraid of being bad at something and that has really afforded me the ability to get good at some things. Those were always kind of barriers of entry for me when I was younger. I was really afraid of sucking. Somewhere around my mid-30s, I started to understand the value and benefit and growth opportunities of sucking and not knowing and using those mistakes. It's something I tell my daughters all the time – I always say Never waste your mistakes. Every one of my mistakes when I was younger offered some kind of insane and incredibly valuable lesson in my life."

Deadpool 3 has yet to set a release date.

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