Marvel Rebooting Deadpool by Erasing His Past

The long-running and beloved Deadpool comic from Gerry Duggan came to a close this week with issue [...]

deadpool 300
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

The long-running and beloved Deadpool comic from Gerry Duggan came to a close this week with issue #300, and the series finale provided a surprising twist to Wade Wilson's tale. Deadpool has officially rebooted himself.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Despicable Deadpool #300! Continue reading at your own risk...

Over the course of Duggan's seven-year Deadpool run, Wade did more than a few things that he came to regret. Chief among them: Killing Phil Coulson while trying to follow Captain America's orders. Since then, Wade has had a hard time living with himself, which led to the events of this final, super-sized issue.

When Deadpool's plan to get the Avengers to take him down fails, something clicks in his mind and he heads out on the open road, chased by Captain America and Agent Preston. Wade's journey takes him to Utler's old lab, where the drugs used to put his mind under are still being kept.

This is where Deadpool's idea finally comes to fruition. Wade takes all of the drugs that are left, knowing that they will likely wipe his entire memory. When Cap and Preston arrive at the lab, they find Deadpool asleep on the operating table, hooked to several different IVs containing the drug.

Deadpool wakes up in a hall of his own memories. Since he can't live with them anymore, he decides to wipe them all from existence, retconning everything that's happened over the past seven years. What follows is a montage of the biggest moments from Duggan's Deadpool run. Present Deadpool walks into the scenes and tears them to shreds.

Once Deadpool wakes up from these memories, and journeys to both Heaven and Hell, he's put on trial for Coulson's murder. Due to the effects of the drugs, Deadpool is in a state of comatose, and the judge rules that he's unfit to stand trial.

The series ends with Deadpool in a mental institution, waking up with no memory of anything that's happened to him. He puts his suit back on, runs out the front door, and believes he has a love for Mexican cuisine. The final transition of the issue reads, "Another Beginning," teasing the upcoming start of Young's new series.

Deadpool #300, written by Gerry Duggan, is on sale now. The new Deadpool series, from Skottie Young and Nic Klein, will debut on June 6th.