Donald Trump's Own Thor Hammer Spotted in White House Move

President Donald Trump will conclude his term as the 44th President of the United States on Wednesday, January 20 as President-Elect Joe Biden is inaugurated into the office that day. Wit just days to go before that happens, Trump and his family are on the way out, literally, with photos of their efforts in packing up their things from the White House to prepare for the move continuing to be published online. One of the images of items from the move revealed a.....peculiar piece from the collection, as REUTERS spotted someone carrying a hammer like the Marvel superhero Thor which featured the word "TRUMP" across it.

The caption for the image reads: "A person with the National Archives and Records Administration carries a large hammer engraved with the word 'Trump' at the White House in Washington, January 15, 2021. REUTERS/Erin Scott." It's unclear from this if the Trump/Thor hammer will be making its way to the National Archives and Records Administration for safe keeping and storage, or even where the Trump/Thor hammer came from in the first place.

Other items spotted during the move out included a rug from the West Wing of the White House, a giant,framed photograph of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, and a bust of Abraham Lincoln. It's unclear how many of these items were being taken for President Trump's personal amusement and which are being donated to the National Archives and Records Administration or his eventual Presidential Library. The hammer it seems will be going to the former.

No one at Marvel has spoken out about seeing the hammer of Thor with Trump's name on it, but it would no doubt draw the ire of some if they noticed it. Earlier this week Jack Kirby's son Neal denounced the use of Captain America imagery and props by the violent mob which took siege of the U.S. Capitol building last week, calling it "an insult" to the memories of the character's co-creators, his father Jack and Joe Simon.

Captain America wasn't the only Marvel character present and parodied by the violent insurgents, with many wearing The Punisher's logo on their clothing. Images of this prompted writer Garth Ennis to call those wearing his skull "halfwits."


(Cover photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)