Joe Biden Officially Projected to Win 2020 Election

The 2020 Presidential Election in the United States is nearly over, but enough votes have been counted where CNN and the Assicuated Press are projecting a victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is on track to become the 46th President and succeeding Donald Trump. Biden campaigned with Kamala Harris, who will serve as Vice-President. The campaign was tumultuous for both parties and shrouded in uncertainty, coming on the heels of many protests and lockdowns across the country due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 as well as demonstrations against police brutality from the Black Lives Matter movement. But now that news outlets called the election for Biden, the country has a clear path to move forward in 2021.

There is a chance that these results could be contested as the Trump campaign has already searched for methods to dispute the results, including filing lawsuits and requesting intervention from the Supreme Court. The sheer volume of mail-in ballots has played a major role in the election and Trump's response; voters utilized mail-in ballots in a record turnout due to safety concerns surrounding polling locations and COVID-19.

It's not clear just now how long it will take for the results to be ratified as some polling locations take days to certify their numbers, but the projections are predicting a clear election for Biden after key victories in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and a close call in Pennsylvania. While many celebrities spoke out in support of their favorite candidates, Biden seemed to be favored among those who have the most popularity among geek circles.

Avengers: Endgame cast members like Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo participated in fundraising drives for the Biden campaign.

"It's not that I'm specifically drawn to politics. It's just when you look around, you try to figure out how can you help," Evans previously told PEOPLE about his interest in politics. "There's a lot of things you can do as an actor with your name. I could be making booze — I don't discourage anyone from doing that, I love booze — but there's no denying that I played a certain character, and it just so happens to align with part of my nature in terms of being someone who is politically involved and who cares about the well-being of people in this country."


Biden's campaign took specific efforts to target younger voters including expansions into popular video games like Fortnite, where they created their own map highlighting the Democratic platform. They also created an island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons that promoted Biden's ticket with Harris. Some have criticized these tactics for being myopic, but it appears that Biden is on the track toward a presidential victory.

Cover photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images