Could Kingpin's MCU Future Include Controversial Storyline?

In the closing moments of Hawkeye, Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun held by his adopted daughter Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), only for the camera to flip as we hear the gun fired off-screen. It's implied Wilson Fisk was shot, only fans never see the body and as any comic fan knows, if there's no body — a character surely can't be dead. Especially when considering the reception D'Onofrio's Kingpin has had amongst fans, coupled with the fact Marvel's actively developing its own Daredevil series, it's very likely the character will be back before too long at all.

In fact, one new rumor suggests when Kingpin returns, he'll appear in a live-action adaptation of Marvel's recent "Mayor Fisk" storyline. That rumor comes from The Weekly Planet podcast, who suggests the villain will appear in the majority of Echo episodes.

"Yep, Daredevil is in it for three episodes, as in Charlie Cox. Kingpin, Vinnie D'Onofrio is in four," the podcast hosts says (via The Direct). "The Kingpin storyline is building up to him running for mayor of New York City. Apparently, he's going to be wearing an eye patch because he was shot in the head in Hawkeye… Daredevil is also going to be rocking a red and black suit and is looking for Jessica Jones."

In the Marvel source material, Fisk launched a mayoral campaign in the closing moments of the Daredevil run from Charles Soule and Stefano Landini. Due to some villainous actions, and benefactors with the deepest pockets in the Marvel universe, Fisk is elected mayor of New York, a position he held for four years until the events of Devil's Reign.

Marvel Studios has yet to confirm if either Fisk or Daredevil will appear in the series, which is now filming in and around Atlanta. It's expected to continue filming through October before a release next year.


Echo will debut on Disney+ in 2023.

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