Eternals Fan Catches Falcon & Winter Soldier Easter Egg Hidden in the Movie

One eagle-eyed Eternals fan caught a sly Falcon and the Winter Soldier Easter egg in the movie. Now, the MCU does a lot of crossing over, and it's moments like this that remind you that it really is one world with one big shared group of people running around. On Reddit, KostisPat27 noticed that the Global Repatriation Council from the Disney+ series is still around. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the GRC is a coalition of world governments that is providing aid to people displaced by The Blip. However, they weren't doing a great job of it, which is what led to the Flag Smashers becoming a force online. Sam Wilson's big moment at the end of the series was to get world leader to recognize they needed to be listening to the people they serve rather than forging ahead without hearing the populace. Check out the screen grab down below.

Marvel Studios: Assembled dived into the world of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier last year. During the special, showrunner Malcolm Spellman talked about how they went about creating the character of Karli Morgenthau. Erin Kellyman's antagonist had a bone to pick with the GRC. But, they actually conceived of her as a hero.

"In construction of the character, we were like, 'Let's make her a kid.' And, 'Let's make her tap into the spirit of how people feel today.' And even though the pandemic hadn't hit yet, that all just exacerbated a feeling folks were having. And if you're Black, you've been having it your whole life, which is, the game is rigged, the people who are at the top are becoming irresponsible. We accept that the game is rigged, but now, they're getting irresponsible in how much they're taking from us, and people just have to push back. And we wrote Karli as a hero. She is a hero that goes bad," Spellman said.

Kellyman herself talked to TVLine about her time as a Flag-Smasher. It seems like their struggles struck a chord with viewers. "The people who remained kind of came together and supported each other lot more because of the traumatic event — half of the population disappearing — and the borders were open, and people came together, and there was more unity," she began. "That's what she's trying to replicate that again, but with everybody this time."

"She thinks that she's fighting for the people that go unheard and unseen, the displaced people, so she's against what he's fighting for," Kellyman continued when talking about John Walker. "But also, he's not her main focus. She has bigger priorities, and I think the main one is making sure that everybody that's been affected by the Blip is safe and in warm places and have medical supplies and food to eat."

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