New Eternals Clip Shows Team Fighting Deviants

A new clip from Eternals shows the team throwing down with some Deviants. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were in the dark on this film for a while, but now they've gotten more action than they know what to do with. The Deviants serve as the main adversary for The Eternals in the film. As is the case in the comics, the two groups have been fighting each other for as long as the Earth has been around. MCU Perfect Gifs gives people their first look at everything the squad can do together. When some Deviants try to attack some people in the past, the Eternals rise up to protect humans. Makkari helps rescue some of them in harm's way while Kingo and Ikaris go on the offensive. It would seem Kumail Nanjiani knows his way around those hand blasts. Richard Madden's character looks even more like The Man of Steel in these moments too. One has to wonder what kind of curveball is waiting in Eternals because they're showing off so much of these short action sequences. Something may be going on below the surface. Check out the clip for yourself down below:

Previously, had the chance to attend a set visit for the film. Brandon Davis talked to producer Nate Moore about Eternals and how their fight with the Deviants has been raging for thousands of years.

"In the past we see the Eternals, who, in our version of the mythology, are immortal aliens from a planet called Olympia," Moore said. "[They've] been asked by the Celestials to come to Earth to rid the Earth of creatures called the Deviants. The Deviants are these parasitic aliens who go from planet to planet, and as they kill the apex predators on a given planet, they sort of take the characteristics of those predators and wipe out intelligent life. Well, the Eternals are heroes, so they've come to earth to eradicate the Deviants and allow humanity to thrive."

"So, in the past, we see the Eternals as they come earth as they begin their mission. And over time, they begin to succeed in eradicating the Deviants, but at the same time, these ten characters start to fracture as a team, and they start to sort of split off and go their own ways," he continued. "In the present, we meet a couple of Eternals, Sersi and Sprite, who now live in London, who are shocked when a Deviant arrives after not having seen a Deviant for five thousand years and they seem to have evolved somehow. So the present is very much a mystery of, 'Why are the Deviants back? Why are they different? And can we get the band back together — for lack of a better term — in time to stop this new threat?' That's the rough structure of the movie. It's epic in scope, we think."

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