Eternals Star Asked Stan Lee to Make Him a Superhero on Twitter in 2013

One star of Marvel's Eternals movie is actually getting his wish fulfilled by being cast in the [...]

One star of Marvel's Eternals movie is actually getting his wish fulfilled by being cast in the film. Actor Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) actually reached out to Stan Lee on Twitter back in 2013, with a simple wish: "Stan Lee, Please Make me a SuperHero :)." Well, Stan Lee may have passed away in late 2018, but he seems to have used his superpowers as "The Man" to grant one last wish because Barry Keoghan was indeed cast as Eternals member Druig in the summer of 2019. So when it comes Marvel, it's clear that dreams can indeed come true.

...Or rather, in the case of Barry Keoghan, dreams may sort of come true.

Based on our breakdowns and analysis of the first Eternals teaser trailer that was released (and is smashing viewer numbers), Keoghan's Druig may not be as heroic as his fellow immortals. Druig uses cosmic power to control the minds of others, and the trailer clearly shows him living in a cult-like community whose gun-toting members are under his thrall. We also know that Druig is against the Eternals interacting with humankind, which certainly puts him in direct opposition to characters like Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), who happily live amongst humanity.

Right now, fan theories lean toward Druig being the Eternal who allies with the Deviants, the other race of misshapen and mutated superpowered beings the Celestials created during their experiments on Earth. The Deviants' mutations made them more advanced than humanity and they nearly conquered Earth (if not for the Eternals). Most of the Deviant race was lost during the sinking of Atlantis when the Celestials returned to Earth for the second time. The surviving Deviants continued to develop their race and technology underground, away from humanity.

As fan theories now predict, the Eternals movie may have Druig being a sympathizer who thinks Deviants and Eternals should unite to take their rightful place as the ruling species of Earth - and may provoke the Celestials to clear humanity off the playing field. Of course, that's just theory and speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, it plays out, Barry Keoghan did get what he asked for: he's now playing a Marvel Cinematic Universe character and will become an international star because of his Eternals role. Just another fortunate person who owes regular thankful prayers to Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby... just saying).

Eternals will be in theaters on November 5th.