Falcon and the Winter Soldier Showrunner Malcolm Spellman Promises a Different Kind of US Agent

Showrunner Malcolm Spellman is promising a different kind of US Agent in The Falcon and the Winter [...]

Showrunner Malcolm Spellman is promising a different kind of US Agent in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Images have been circulating of Wyatt Russell ahead of the hit Disney+ series and many have wondered what his villain character will be like on-screen. Well, in some new comments to EW about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Spellman made no effort to dance around the way John Walker would be relevant to right now. But, if anyone is expecting a one-to-one analog for the Captain America antagonist, they're going to be a little bit disappointed. There's been a lot of mystery surrounding US Agent in the lead to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, not the least of which happened in last year's Super Bowl trailer. You only got the see Russell's back as he ran out onto the field in a stadium while fireworks erupted. They're keeping a lid on things for a reason because nothing at Marvel is ever merely a coincidence. Check out what the showrunner has to say down below:

"That character from the books, what he represents is extremely relevant," Spellman explained. "We shifted away from the books a little bit, so we added some very, very different dimensions, especially once Wyatt got involved and started really inhabiting the character. But the spirit, all you've got to do is read Marvel comics and then imagine that we didn't do half of what's in the books. That's my way of saying I can't talk about Wyatt."

EW also had the chance to speak with the actor who will bring US Agent to life. Russell expanded on what it was like to play John Walker and interact with both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

"He's a complicated character. That's what drew me to him," Russell added. "It'll be fun seeing how all three of these guys interact in terms of what their identity is. I think that I can safely say that it's a show about identity and what it means to each specific person."

So, expect to see even more of John Walker's US Agent when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gets rolling on Friday.

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+. 2021 is also bringing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on March 19th.

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