The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Why Is Marvel Hiding US Agent From Us?

Whatever it takes. That's the creed Marvel Studios is taking when it comes to keeping any and all U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell) content from fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come hell or high water, the Burbank-based outfit is doing whatever it takes to withhold any and all shots of the character before his live-action debut next month. Even with a new trailer released during Super Bowl 55 that included dozens of new shots, the mysterious character is nowhere to be found — at least when it comes to new shots previously unseen by the masses.

Instead, the House of Ideas has used the same shot we've seen plenty of times before, where John Walker charges out onto a field during what appears to be an introduction ceremony. No front-facing shots, no action sequences — just U.S. Agent trotting onto the field, further away from the eyes of the beholder.

On top of that, the official poster has the character shrouded in mystery — the smallest of the characters on the poster. Even the Flag Smashers, led by Erin Kellyman's enigmatic character, have a bigger footprint on the piece of marketing collateral.

It's a peculiar choice for Marvel to make, even though they've already announced the character is appearing in the show; and they announced that he's being played by Wyatt Russell. Even though Anthony Mackie has said the series will be about a power struggle between characters for the mantle of Captain America, the trailers have shown us zero indication of that plotline.

“See, at the end of Endgame, Sam didn’t accept the shield. If you remember, he told Steve [Rogers], ‘It doesn’t feel right because the shield is yours.’ So, the show is a long way of figuring around who’s gonna be Captain America,” Mackie revealed. “Where’s the shield gonna end up. And, Who is going to be Captain America, and is that moniker going to come back. Is someone going to hold that moniker again?”

“It’s a really good show, I was worried when I first heard it was streaming,” Mackie began. “That the quality would be lost. That it would turn into this idea of what these movies could be, and they wouldn’t be able to do the action sequences, and give us the look that we’re accustomed to when it comes to these Marvel movies. The action sequences are mind-blowing. The story is great, you really get to know the characters and fall in love with the characters. As you can see with WandaVision. It just brings you further into the universe. So, it’s not going to disappoint. I’m excited for people to see it.”


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier hits Disney+ on March 19th.

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