Fantastic Four's Dan Slott Reveals Cancelled Plans to Team Up Sue Storm With Marvel Villains

Next month will see the publication of Fantastic Four #46, an issue that will mark the final storyline in writer Dan Slott's run on Marvel's First Family. Ahead of the issue's release however, the scribe sat down for a reflective interview with, pondering his time with the team and considering all that he was able to do with characters like Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, and Doctor Doom. Slott was also asked if there was anything he had plans for that didn't make it into the series, something he was going to get to eventually, and he confirmed a storyline he had for Sue Storm that might have put her in harms way.

"It's frustrating, because I was getting ready to turn a big spotlight on Sue, do some Sue stuff," Slott replied when asked if there was "anything big" he had planned that he didn't get to do. "Even I recognize that I clearly had my favorites, and my favorites were Thing and Alicia. It's impossible to look at my run and not see that I really liked Thing and Alicia. But I also really like Doom, and I also really like Reed, and I was having all this fun with Johnny and Sky. As we were wrapping up, I was ready to move on to the Sue stuff, and then all of a sudden I was in JMS in that interview – no!"

Slott continued, "I was going to have Sue train with the Hand! She was going to learn to increase the volume of her force fields so they could block out sound. She's been able to block Klaw's powers before, so the possibility is there. Not only would she be invisible, you wouldn't be able to hear her and she would have all this ninja Hand training. Aww, I was gonna do some cool stuff with her. It's good to leave stuff on the table."

For those reading other Marvel comics right now, teaming up Sue with The Hand right now might not be the best idea. Currently the evil ninja clan is being lead by none other than Frank Castle, having traded in his guns for swords. The group is also currently in the crosshairs of Daredevil and Elektra, at least even more so than before, meaning if suddenly Sue Storm was in the mix here there would almost certainly be some collateral damage in some way. At the very least an explainer of why she wouldn't have seen The Punisher walking around. You can find the full cover and solicitation for Slott's final issue below.


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