FF #1 Preview Shows Franklin Richards Acting Like a Madman

Star writer Matt Fraction teams up with iconic indie artists Mike and Laura Allred to craft a very [...]

Star writer Matt Fraction teams up with iconic indie artists Mike and Laura Allred to craft a very different look at the Fantastic Four and its ancillary community with FF, the first issue of which will be coming from Marvel NOW! in four weeks. Today, Marvel have provided an unlettered preview of the first issue, which appears to be mostly setting the stage for the bigger story to come. Featuring Reed, Sue, Franklin and Val Richards as well as the members of the FF who will stand in for the Fantastic Four while they're traveling through space and time on a family vacation, FF gives Ant-Man (whose wife just returned from the dead) the task of leading an all-female team. No chance that will cause any strain on his newly-resurrected relationship, right? Check out the solicitation text and preview pages below. FF #1 goes on sale November 28.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of writer Matt Fraction and artist Michael Allred! With the Fantastic Four embarking on an epic journey, an all-new substitute Four, handpicked by original members – Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Miss Thing – stand ready to guard and protect Earth and the Future Foundation for four minutes! What could possibly go wrong? As part of Marvel NOW!FF  joins a number of titles that will take the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry's top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and lapsed readers alike! Each issue of Fantastic Four features special augmented reality content available exclusive through the Marvel AR app – including cover recaps, behind the scenes features and more that add value to your reading experience at no additional cost. An all-new direction! All-new adventures! This is FF NOW! This November, Matt Fraction and Michael Allred redefine the future in FF #1! FF #1 (SEP120593) Written by MATT FRACTION Art & Cover by MICHAEL ALLRED FOC – 11/5/2012, On Sale – 11/28/2012