First Look at Major Runaways Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange

As we learned on the set visit and in the Doctor Strange prequel comic, Tina Minoru is one of the [...]

As we learned on the set visit and in the Doctor Strange prequel comic, Tina Minoru is one of the Masters of Kamar-Taj in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film. If that name doesn't quite ring a bell, it's understandable. Significant to a subset of Marvel Comics fans, however, the Minorus are one of the families that comprise the Pride, a secret group who keeps an ancient race of gods from destroying the Earth - by sacrificing a child to them each year.

Tina's daughter Nico is one of the children of this secret society that finds out her parents are apparently supervillains (though they think it's a bit more complex), and becomes one of the Runaways. The Runaways, in turn, are currently in development for a new TV show on Hulu, from the creators behind Gossip Girl and The OC.

But first, we have Tina Minoru, who was an accomplished mage in the comics as well, appearing in Doctor Strange. In these first leaked photos from the premiere in Hong Kong, Tina Minoru can be seen not just in magical garb, but wielding the family's weapon of choice, the Staff of One. Yes, Runaways fans, we're freaking out here too.

One small caveat: she's not actually called by name in the movie; one of the other Masters, also an "Easter Egg" name, is, though.

"Drumm, you do hear the name in the movie," Kevin Feige told during an on-set interview. "That's how we always build the universe. There are so many characters in the books, that if we have the need for a person to be in this place at this time and have a line, or have no lines, we still want it to be someone. Often times, that's how the names come about. The names that we pull usually are the ones that are relatively top of mind or have been amongst characters that we've thought about, like the Runaways for a long time. I would call that an Easter egg that most people won't even see."

You can see Tina Minoru in Doctor Strange on November 4, 2016, and her daughter Nico on Runaways sometime in the next year or two on Hulu.