Frank Grillo Explains How Crossbones Could Beat The Hulk

Back before Captain America: Civil War hit theaters, Frank Grillo admitted that he believed his [...]

Back before Captain America: Civil War hit theaters, Frank Grillo admitted that he believed his character, Crossbones, could wipe the floor with The Hulk in fight. Like, just imagine the scene in The Avengers where The Hulk bashes Loki against the floor of Stark Tower because he's such a quote-unquote 'puny god.' See, that's exactly what Grillo thinks Crossbone could do to Bruce Banner's alter-ego.

And, in a recent interview with Conan O'Brien, the actor reaffirmed those beliefs.

Sitting down Conan, the actor had plenty to say about Crossbones when the host asked Grillo, "You've said he could take The Hulk?"

Grillo answered, "I think Hulk is a dumb-dumb. Oh Hulk, I could trip the Hulk. Like, one of my guys could stand behind the Hulk and push him over...Tony Stark? Not so much."

Well, his words sound confident enough. This statement is Grillo's second the actor has made in his attempts to explain why he thinks Crossbones could best The Hulk. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly awhile back, Grillo said that, "The Hulk is just a big thug who comes at you. He comes out swinging. Crossbones is much smarter than that. Plus, he's got weapons. The Hulk has no weapons. He's an idiot. And he's green. Crossbones doesn't lose to people who are green. I'll fight any of those guys. Any of them."

Grillo, who was first entered in the MCU with Captain America: Winter Solider, has spoken about his attraction to the violent character. In fact, Grillo's love for the Crossbones essentially boils down to the fact that he's a badass. Speaking with EW, Grillo said that Crossbones, "is not good and not bad, Crossbones. He's just a guy who's defending his ideology, and he's a badass. He has no super powers. He's a mercenary."

So, now, the question is whether Crossbones' mercenary tactics could take down The Hulk's bulging muscles and unending strength. While plenty of heroes and villains have overtaken the green giant in the past, Grillo sounds sure that his character could end the beast for good.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Crossbones could smash The Hulk? Shout out your opinions in the comments below!