Marvel Is Giving Away Cosmic Cubes For Secret Empire

Secret Empire — the comics crossover event of the summer — is here and the folks at the House of Ideas want to make sure you get your hands on all of the Secret Empire merch possible. That's why they're partnering with local comic shops across to country to give away free cosmic cubes to coincide with the release of Secret Empire #6.

Comic stores will be getting the cubes — which glow in the dark — on a tiered structure, based upon the amount of issues ordered. Stores placing an order for Secret Empire #6 125% larger than their order for Secret Empire #2 will receive 25 cubes for their customers while placing an order 150% larger will get the comic shop 50 cubes.

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Additional cubes will also be available to stores a la carte should they be anticipating a bigger surge for the cube and Issue #6 combo.

Although the event has proved controversial, to say the least, the series' introductory issue — Secret Empire #0 — was one of April's most-sold issues, selling just north of 160,000 units.

Building upon the events of this last year's Avengers: Standoff! event, a sentient cosmic cube altered the reality of Steve Rogers, making him the head of Hydra, the terrorist organization he's fought his entire comics career.

Secret Empire #0 and #1 are in stores now. Secret Empire #2 is released on Wednesday, May 17.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

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