Marvel Studios Artist Shares Earliest Hawkeye Concept Art

In a matter of days, Hawkeye hits Disney+ and gives fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a six-part series kickstarting the franchise's "street-level" corner. To help celebrate the launch of the series, longtime Marvel Studios visual development artist Andy Park has shared some of the earliest concept art ever made for the character. Sunday, Park shared the artwork on Instagram, crediting his colleague Ryan Meinerding for coming up with the primary look, while Park himself finished fleshing the piece out.

"This was the first time I got to design him," Park said of his work. "It was for The Avengers way back in 2010. Ryan Meinerding did an initial pass that was well received and then I was able to take it home with this final design."

He added, "I remember liking this design and thinking that it was the right way to go for the MCU...but I did honestly wish I was able to incorporate purple as that was the color I associated with him from the years I read Marvel Comics as a kid."

As with the Marvel Disney+ shows that have come before it, Hawkeye writer Jonathan Igla says the series will examine Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye on a microscopic level.

"I think we're getting to see a funnier side of Clint in this show. And we're getting to see him in a mentorship role, which we hadn't really gotten to seen before," Igla told Variety at the Hawkeye premiere. "But I would say that the highlight, the thing that really comes from the comic books that mostly influenced the show is what Clint is doing when he's not with the Avengers. I'm always excited by those moments in-between the biggest missions, and that was exciting to get to dive into."

Hawkeye debuts with a two-episode premiere on Disney+ on November 24th.

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