Hawkeye's Fra Fee Reveals if Kazi Will Ever Become the Clown

In addition to establishing new characters like Kate Bishop and Maya Lopez in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ongoing Hawkeye TV series has also been building an origin story for a popular comics villain. Kazimierz Kazimerczak, better known as Kazi, is Maya's right hand man in the MCU, working as her enforcer as well as her translator. In the comics, Kazi takes on a much more terrifying persona: The Clown.

Matt Fraction and David Aja's acclaimed Hawkeye comic series features Clown in a major role, as he murders innocent people, stabs Clint in the ear, and terrorizes the last arc or two of the series. The on-screen Kazi isn't quite on that level, but he could get there at some point. Fra Fee, the actor who plays Kazi on Hawkeye, spoke with ComicBook.com about the evil nature of his character and whether or not he could ever go full-Clown.

"I was fully aware of the origins of this character. And I think it was a really intriguing character in the comics," Fee explained. "And there was a lot that I was able to take from his persona in the comic books. What I love about Kazi, he's got this really intense, sort of brooding, everything's simmering at the surface sense of himself. And I believe that's because he's harboring a lot of stuff. There's a lot of issues and there's a lot of painful things that have happened. And also deep rooted passions that make for this very intriguing character that doesn't necessarily wear on his sleeve, unlike his counterparts in the mafia that are big, brash versions of themselves. He's not, he's got a quiet intensity. Whether or not it is to be seen that he takes on this persona that is traditionally viewed in the comics, we're not sure. But like you said, I think that the comic book figure is inherently evil."

"What I love about Marvel Studios and how they've tackle tackled villainous characters is that we have a much more fully fledged out version of themselves," he continued. "There's a sense of history, there's always a reason to be, there's always a reason why these characters act the way that they do. And so to be able to actually figure out why Kazi is who he is, how he's got to the place that he has found himself, that's really, really exciting rather than just playing an evil dude. Whether you need to know the why, and I think we're able to do that here."

Kazi is a character worth keeping an eye on, especially if you're a hero in the MCU. He's not a massive threat just yet, but there could be a lot more darkness and danger in his future.

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