Helstrom Reportedly Casting Marduk

Helstrom might be going to Hell if recent casting reports prove accurate. Shortly after we broke [...]

Helstrom might be going to Hell if recent casting reports prove accurate. Shortly after we broke news the show would be kicking off production October 7th in Vancouver, ace scooper Daniel Richtman (@DanielRPK) revealed the show is well into the casting process, which reportedly includes Marvel looking for someone to play Marduk — the father of Daimon and Satana (Ana) Helstrom.

According to casting grids obtained by the scooper, the Jeph Loeb-led outfit is looking for an actor in his 40s-50s to play the demon. In addition to an age range for Marduk, the scooper says Marvel Television is looking for actors in their 20s or 30s to play both Daimon and Ana. The casting grid would also seem to say the series starts with Daimon on a killing spree himself before Ana arrives to stop him and convince him to help track down their father.

As with most reports from scoopers, it's recommended you take the report with a grain of salt — though Richtman is noted for his accuracy on several other scoops. It also helps Marvel Television is far less "locked down" than its counterparts at Marvel Studios when it comes to moving things into development before they hit the airwaves.

That said, it'd be a big step forward for Marvel Television if they're actually taking the leap and adapting Marduk for live-action. First introduced in Marvel Spotlight #13, Marduk's a Lord of hell — not unlike the much more popular Mephisto. Not taking its Netflix shows into account, Marvel Television has done a pretty good job of taking the storyline of shows elsewhere other than some street-level crime beat. In fact, Hulu's Runaways has done a fantastic job intertwining some sci-fi pieces while Agents of SHIELD has some of the best visual effects on television.

If that's the case and the show would actually deal with the heavy undertones of dealing with such a character, it'd be yet another new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore.

The working logline for the Helstrom says the show "follows Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer, who use their powers to track down the worst of humanity."

What do you hope to see from Marvel's new Hulu shows? What other characters do you think could join Hulu's VengeanceVerse?

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