House of X Reveals Krakoan Language Guide

Jonathan Hickman's relaunch of the X-Men through House of X and Powers of X has been an [...]

Jonathan Hickman's relaunch of the X-Men through House of X and Powers of X has been an ultra-Hickman sort of affair, utilizing graphs, charts, and even brand new languages to make this entire story as in-depth as possible. While many of these graphics have helped make more sense out of everything, the unique mutant language introduced in the beginnings of each issue and on the info pages have been confusing to some. Fortunately you don't have to worry about those mysterious symbols any longer.

At the end of House of X #3, which arrived online and in comic book stores on Wednesday, Hickman included a complete Krakoan language guide that shows off the entire alphabet and the Krakoan symbols that accompany them.

You can check out the full Krakoan alphabet in the image from House of X #3 below!

house of x krakoan language
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Of course, the first thing everyone will want to do is go see what messages they can decipher from earlier issues using this guide. The previews in the back of every House of X and Powers of X book feature these symbols but they are simply revealing the titles of the two issues coming next. The preview pages at the end of House #3 reveal that House of X #4 is called "It Will Be Done" and Powers of X #4 will be titled "Something Sinister."

Along with the Krakoan language guide, Hickman included a bit of background about how the entire language came into being.

"Upon arriving for the first time to the mutant nation-state of Krakoa, a resident telepath will imprint the Krakoan language into the mind of the newly arrived mutant. Once this is done, that mutant is capable of reading, speaking and fully understanding the Krakoan language.

"Krakoan was created by Douglas Ramsey to be mutantdom's first autochthonous language. It's important to note that Krakoan is a manufactured language and is not the native language of Krakoa the living mutant island. The language of Krakoa is untranslatable, and almost any human/mutant brains are incapable of comprehending it. The only known exception is the mutant Cypher."

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