There Is a Twitter Account Dedicated to Getting iCarly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Yes, we realize that it's Valentine's Day and not April Fools, which is why this is no joke: there is an actual Twitter account out there that is dedicated to a truly absurd purpose: trying to get Nickelodeon TV series character iCarly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Let's just be clear: what you see above is just a small sampling of what this prolific account has posted in the last few days! If you search the full thread of posts, you'll see that this Twitter user is obsessively dedicated to getting this done.

But let's get to the questions that most people are going to have about all this:

No one can really trace this user's burning desire for MCU iCarly back to any obvious or logical connection: this person just seems to really love iCarly, and loves the MCU, and wants to see both come together.

iCarly was a hit show on Nickelodeon from 2007 - 2012, and starred Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, a teen who starts a popular web show called "iCarly" with her slapstick sidekicks, Sam and Freddie. The single-camera, docu-style format of the show was in keeping with other silmilar sitcom concepts of the time, such as The Office or Arrested Development.


While the dedication is admirable, someone nees to tell this person that this campaign fall more on the side of time-wasting delusion than actual attainable goal.

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