Iron Man 3 Set Photo Shows Off Iron Patriot's Hip Tattoo


Maybe it's just us that never noticed this before, but the Iron Patriot armor that shows up in Iron Man 3 apparently has a decal on the hip that looks quite a bit like a tattoo on Rhodey's right leg. An image that appears in The Daily Mail, taken on the Miami set of the Marvel sequel, also seems to confirm assumptions made based on recently-released promotional art that Iron Man and Iron Patriot are actually working together, rather than at odds, as they are in the comic. Of course, in the comic it's a bad guy inside the suit and in the films, Don Cheadle has already confirmed it's James Rhodes. Presumably the Captain America-inspired name and design is somewhat more comforting to civilians in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than "War Machine." Iron Man 3 will be in theaters in May 2013.