Is Cap Dead? Falcon and the Winter Soldier Hides Fate of Steve Rogers in Premiere

The second Marvel Studios series on Disney+ has finally premiered with The Falcon and the Winter [...]

The second Marvel Studios series on Disney+ has finally premiered with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier soaring onto the streaming service. And while the series deals with the aftermath of the Blip in Avengers: Endgame, it also reveals some surprising new details about former Captain America Steve Rogers — but only if you know where to look. The series begins with high-octane action before switching over to an event celebrating the legacy of Steve Rogers, and many are interpreting this event as a funeral or at least a confirmation that the character has passed away. But that might not be the case.

After the event in which Sam Wilson delivers Cap's shield to the Smithsonian, he joins James Rhodes to explore the exhibit dedicated to Steve Rogers. It is here where we see an explanation for installation celebrating Cap's legacy as well as some context for what happened after Avengers: Endgame. [h/t @Bork_22]

"With the death of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers honored his friend by finally retiring and laying down his shield, enjoying the world he had fought so hard to protect. With this exhibit we honor the life and legacy of Steve Rogers, Captain America: patriot, soldier, hero."

This makes it clear that the world knows Cap has since moved on into retirement, though the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are subject to conspiracy theories.

There are other notable revelations from the exhibit, including that the world at large knows what happened to Bucky Barnes in World War II and that he would later become the victim of HYDRA operatives. A section dedicated to the Winter Soldier sets up a later scene where the audience learns Bucky is being pardoned for his crimes. Though he has to attend mandatory therapy sessions, it looks like he's on his way to getting a normal life — whatever that means for a person who spent most of the century as a brainwashed assassin.

The legacy of Captain America continues to loom large in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but fans would likely be happy to learn that Steve Rogers is not quite dead just yet. Even if that might be the best course of action for Sam and Bucky to get their moment in the spotlight...

The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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