James Mangold Says Studio Didn't Influence Logan Final Cut

Based on the 287 updates written by ComicBook.com -- 288 after this story, if you want to read [...]

Based on the 287 updates written by ComicBook.com -- 288 after this story, if you want to read them -- there has been a lot of coverage on the forthcoming film, Logan.

The exciting ramp-up has prompted fans to set the bar high with a 4.27-of-5 in the ComicBook.com User Anticipation Ratings, and from the first trailer through the last weeks of waiting has done nothing to dissuade the masses from believing it will be the Wolverine movie that has been thirsted for.

In a recent interview with Bad Taste, director James Mangold was asked if there was anything left on the cutting room floor that may add extra value to the Blu-Ray release.

With little surprise, there will be. Perhaps more importantly is that the actual cut may be the director's cut, too.

"I think there will be a couple of scenes that we trimmed that could appear on the extra scenes on the Blu-Ray," he said in the interview. "But I did get everything (in the movie) that I wanted; I didn't have to lift anything. The studio didn't say, 'You have to take that out.'

"But there are some lovely scenes people can look forward to at home."

Logan stars Hugh Jackman (Logan), Boyd Holbrook (Donald Pierce), Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier), Dafne Keen (Laura Kinney/X-23), Doris Morgado (Maria), Stephen Merchant (Caliban), Elizabeth Rodriguez (Gabriela), and Richard E. Grant (Dr. Zander Rice). James Mangold is directing and helped on the screenplay along with Scott Frank and Michael Green.

Logan takes place in the year 2029, where mutant births have become extremely rare. The defenders of mutant kind, the X-Men, are long gone, and the only remains of them are an old and struggling Charles Xavier and a weary Logan. Logan's vaunted healing factor has slowed, and at times doesn't seem to work at all. When a young mutant needs his help, Logan has to unsheathe his claws once more. His job isn't over yet.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

And, if you have plans to see Logan in theaters, then here is a piece of advice: do not leave the cinema after it ends. For some time now, fans have wondered if the upcoming blockbuster would feature a post-credit scene similar like its contemporaries. The press was still left guessing about the footage's inclusion after pre-screenings ended without any addition scenes. But, in true superhero style, it looks like Logan will have a post-credit scene for fans to enjoy.

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