Jeff Goldblum Meme Has a Better Title for Thor: Love and Thunder

While Marvel Studios unloaded a lot of surprises for future films and TV series coming to the franchise, few were as shocking or generated a buzz like the announcement of a fourth film featuring the God of Thunder, revealing that Jane Foster would be the one to wield Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder. The announcement and reveal of Natalie Portman's return to the franchise earned a lot of buzz, especially because she'll be joined by co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, reprising their characters from Thor: Ragnarok. But people are still wondering about one Celestial elder played by the one and only Jeff Goldblum.

And while his participation has yet to be concerned, Goldblum has inspired a perfect replacement title for Thor: Love and Thunder. And if it's not too late, Marvel Studios might want to change it after they see this:

"Wow. I didn't hear any thunder, but..." from r/marvelstudios

Thor: Love and Sparkles has a much better ring to it, especially considering the events of Thor: Ragnarok. But we're still not sure if Goldblum himself will be reprising the fan favorite role of the Grandmaster, although the actor has admitted that he'd like to be involved.

"I can't give away any secrets. I know there's been rumors and rumblings...I love that character, I love working with Taika Waititi especially, he's a brilliant director," Goldblum said at D23 Expo. "The people at Marvel, they know how to make a movie. It's been a very pleasant experience. They are very kind. I love that cast. I want to do something with Taika for sure,"

Meanwhile, it seems like everyone is excited for Portman's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially because she'll be playing an entirely different take on the God of Thunder alongside Hemsworth's Thor.

Waititi explained how he was able to convince Portman to return during an interview with Variety.


"I just said to her, 'Are you interested in coming back to this thing, but doing something really different?'" Waititi revealed in an interview with Variety. "Because another thing, no one wants to keep repeating themselves and no one wants to play the same characters all the time. And I think for her, just coming back reprising that character but in this whole fresh new way, is really what I think would interest anyone. Especially, in most of these films, if you're not a superhero... do you really want to keep doing that? I mean, I wouldn't. I would want to come back and change things up."

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in theaters on November 5, 2021.