Jeff Goldblum Reacting To Spider-Man Leaving MCU Has Become Internet's Hottest New Meme

Jeff Goldblum is known for his wildly expressive mannerisms and wholly unique way of speaking, something that made him one of the many highlights of Thor: Ragnarok. In that film, he brought the Grandmaster to life, but as fans know, Goldblum can be just as entertaining outside of his movies, and they got a new example of that in action at D23. During the press line, Goldblum spoke to Variety and was asked about the current split between Sony and Disney, which would take Spider-Man Tom Holland out of the MCU until they can work out some sort of deal. Goldblum's reaction was not what anyone expected, and the internet has made the whole exchange its favorite new meme.

When initially asked about it Goldblum said "No! This is the first I've heard of it. I'm crestfallen. Save...what's happening? I didn't even know any of this."

The best part, of course, is watching Goldblum react to the news, as his bewildered expression while the interviewer explains the split between Disney and Sony is just priceless.

After she explained, Goldblum launched into "I'm not a business person, you're speaking...whatever you say is greek to me, but all these, the mountains of and I don't know, it will all work out I'm sure. Good luck, they'll figure it out."

That response was surreal, but also quintessential Goldblum, and his reaction has gone viral, becoming the internet's new favorite meme. You can see some of the funniest reactions above and below.

"Me finding out that my rich husband has died of mysterious circumstances"

"When someone tells me some tea and I have to pretend that I wasn’t the one who spilled it in the first place!"

"therapist: confused jeff goldblum can’t hurt you

confused jeff goldblum:"

"my family when i ask them if they ate my leftovers that were in the fridge"


"me when my mom showed me a google search for zack efron shirtless on the history of the family computer"

As you can see, the new memes keep on coming, and we can't get enough of them.