'Jessica Jones' Teases Something "Big" Coming Tomorrow

Marvel fans should get ready because Jessica Jones is back on the case.A story on the Marvel’s [...]

Marvel fans should get ready because Jessica Jones is back on the case.

A story on the Marvel's Jessica Jones Instagram account teases a "big break in the case" coming tomorrow. There are no more specifics than that, but it seems likely that a new trailer or another promotional release for Jessica Jones Season Two is coming on Wednesday.

Netflix already released one trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones Season Two. The trailer hints that this season's story will deal heavily with the origin of Jessica's powers. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg's later teased that Jessica Jones Season Two will dig into Jessica's past.

"We're always digging deeper into Jessica's character and this season we're peeling back even more layers, revealing more about the experiences that have shaped her present-day life," Rosenberg said.

Marvel's Jessica Jones was renewed in January 2016 for a 13-episode second season. Production began in April 2017, filming back-to-back with Marvel's The Defenders. Filming wrapped in September. Star Krysten Ritter has stated that the intense filming schedule for Defenders and Jessica Jones put her out of touch with popular culture.

"Just to give a stupid reference point, I finally heard Beyonce's Lemonade this summer," Ritter said. "I brought this boom box to the set, blasting 'Formation' and said, 'have you guys heard this??' And Rachael [Taylor, who plays Trish Walker] was like, 'oh poor Krysten, she works so much she didn't even know about Lemonade.'"

Jessica has been uncomfortable with being labeled a hero ever since her first attempts at heroism ended with her in the thrall of the sociopathic villain Kilgrave. Jessica Jones Season Two follows the events of Marvel's The Defenders and could reveal a change in Jessica's attitude after her team-up with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

David Tennant will guest star in Jessica Jones Season Two, reprising his role as Kilgrave. Considering how Kilgrave's story ended in season one, it is unclear how he is able to return.

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season Two premieres on Netflix on March 8, 2018.

The latest Marvel Netflix series, Marvel's The Punisher, is now streaming. Marvel's Jessica Jones Season Two is expected to be followed by Marvel's Luke Cage Season Two and Marvel's Daredevil Season Three in 2018, and Marvel's Iron Fist Season Two in 2019.