Kevin Feige Explains The Choice Of Brie Larson For Captain Marvel

To conclude an epic Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, Marvel Studios announced that they had found their Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers will be played by none other than Brie Larson.

For months, though, rumors have been swirling about which actress would be taking the role. Left and right speculation popped up but with the laying to rest of all the chatter comes a pressure for Marvel Studios and Larson to deliver a compelling adaptation of the iconic Marvel character.

Speaking to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige after the Hall H panel on Friday, we asked what it is about Larson that helped her land the role.

"The first casting choice as our own studio was Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark," Feige says. "We set a bar that was very very high. Every time we bring somebody, whether or not it's a co-starring role, certainly if it's a starring role, we need to match that bar if it's even possible. With Carol Danvers, with our first title female super hero in Captain Marvel we could do no less than that."

Feige is, in fact, quite flattered that Larson is so interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


"The fact that Brie, even after she won her big Academy Award, was interested in coming in and talking to us about the character, really fell in love with this character, really fell in love with the notion of being a symbol that can inspire everyone... We were very lucky. We were very lucky that she agreed to come on board and agreed to come out tonight at the end of the panel."

Captain Marvel is set for release July 6, 2018.