Kevin Feige Talks Build Up To Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel cinematic universe has continued to expand, and the landscape looks completely different since the last time the Avengers got together in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since then the Avengers themselves have been split down the middle, a new sorcerer supreme has taken up residence in their own backyard, and soon the hero ranks will be joined by none other than Captain Marvel.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently spoke to IGN about the lead up to their next big project, Avengers: Infinity War, specifically how much different putting together this film has been compared to the original Avengers.

"When Tony Stark and Stark Industries and the world of that first movie was the definition of the Cinematic Universe, the question was how do you bring a soldier from World War 2 into that in a way that makes sense, how do you bring a Norse god from a whole other planet into that in a way that makes sense, how do you introduce flying aircraft carriers into that? That was the challenge. Now -- particularly after Avengers, after Guardians, after this movie -- the sky's the limit with where we go,"

The expanded scope of their universe requires careful planning, but Feige assured fans that each of the upcoming Avengers films will be their own entities, and will include the story and universe connections that previous Marvel projects have enjoyed.

"There's a reason we have publicly called the first one 'Infinity War' and the second one 'Untitled,' because the movies we were developing were not -- certainly there's a connection, there are with all our movies -- but it's not a first part and a second part. It's a whole movie and a whole story, and then a whole movie and a whole story. That's about all I can say," Feige said. "It's certainly inspired by everything that has come before and everything that is hinted at before."

As for the heroes themselves, the toybox is completely open for The Russos here, as the Infinity Gauntlet doesn't just concern the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain Marvel, but everyone in the Marvel universe.

"We will be intercutting a lot of stories in that movie in a lot of different locales, as it sort of is in the Avengers movies as well; who is facing off against who. In this movie, it's going to be fun to mix that up. One of the things that's great about the Infinity Gauntlet is everybody tried to go up against Thanos whether they were god-like powers or not, because that's what Avengers do," said Feige. "The fun about those two movies that we're doing essentially at the same time is everybody's there."


Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on May 4, 2018.