Loki: Tomorrow's Episode Is Where Things Go Crazy

The next episode of Loki might just be the one where things get really crazy, if they haven't gone [...]

The next episode of Loki might just be the one where things get really crazy, if they haven't gone into the cosmic time-traveling wilderness enough for you! The series saw a massive cliffhanger to wrap its second episode when Sylvie sent reset charges into various locations and times, spawning new timelines and putting the TVA on high alert of a possible multiverse explosion. Episode 3 changed course and saw Sylvie and Loki trapped on Lamentis-1 in the midst of its apocalypse. According to Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino, these next episodes (starting with tomorrow's Episode 4) are going to really blow things wide open.

"That is a really good question," Hiddleston said in an interview with ComicBook.com when asked which episode is going to get the biggest reaction. "I think 4 and 5, for me, that's when the show takes these big leaps forward and I'm really, really intrigued to see what the people think of... Sort of, end of four, beginning of five, it's like, 'Poor Loki.' If that's possible to say! I'm afraid he is his own worst enemy. He gets in his own way."

Di Martino shared a similar sentiment, though she seems to have a special soft spot for Episode 3 as it was the episode where we really got to now her Sylvie character for the first time. "They each have something about them, especially from now on," Di Martino said. "I love three because obviously I get to do a lot of fighting and cool stuff like that and you really get to know Loki and Sylvie and their dynamic and so I really loved watching that and I loved filming it as well. Four and five are also awesome, six is gonna be great, as well!"

"It's really hard to choose," she concluded. It's hard to believe Loki is already halfway through its run but the story might be only just beginning. A new theory suggests the events of Loki might tie into the worlds we see in What If...? before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness truly ties everything up from this potential mutliverse disaster!