Loki’s Richard E. Grant Talks His Favorite Part About Playing Classic Loki and Being a “Big Fan” of Tom Hiddleston

The first season of Loki has officially come to an end, and it featured lots of new characters, [...]

The first season of Loki has officially come to an end, and it featured lots of new characters, including many different "Variant" Lokis. One such Variant is Classic Loki, who was played by Academy Award-nominated actor, Richard E. Grant. The star shined in the penultimate episode, following through with his "glorious purpose" and sacrificing himself to save Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with Grant, and we asked what he loved the most about playing Classic Loki and whether or not he was a fan of the character before he joined the series.

"I loved having all these wind machines and told to look where Asgard was coming to finish me off, and I would laugh in the face of my imminent demise, so that was a fantastic thing to do. I loved it. It was hilarious," Grant shared. "I was a big fan, and I'd seen every... I'd followed everything that Tom Hiddleston had done," he added.

"So, my worry was, how do you come into a situation where the guy who's one of the producers and the whole reason for the show, and it's called Loki, and it's Tom Hiddleston's big gig? But Tom came in on the first day, and I knew him socially for some years; we'd always talked about jokingly working together because of our similarities, our long faces and the hairline. And he is such a walking Wikipedia, Lokipedia of all things Norse and Loki that he was very reassuring. There was nothing that I could think of to ask that he didn't have the answer to. So, that was a great asset and very encouraging."

During the chat, we also asked Grant if he'd be willing to return as another Classic Loki Variant despite his epic ending. "I wouldn't say no to anything," Grant shared. "What a spectacular way to end, you know? Why would you want to bring somebody back if that's how they got out of it?"

You can watch our full interview with Grant at the top of the page.

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