Loki Writer Michael Waldron on How SPOILER's Debut Changes the Series

Full spoilers for episode 2 of Marvel's Loki on Disney+ below! The first episode of the new Loki [...]

Full spoilers for episode 2 of Marvel's Loki on Disney+ below! The first episode of the new Loki series revealed the secret adversary of the show was another variant of Loki was giving the Time Variance Authority fits across the timeline. Episode two of the show pulled back the curtain however and revealed just who that variant actually was, a female version of the god of mischief played by English actress Sophia Di Martino. Speaking in an interview with TV Line about the arrival of this character, series head writer Michael Waldron said she'll "reshuffle the deck of the show" moving forward.

"We want to keep building the thrill ride, and that felt like the right time to blow another big batch of dynamite," he added. Waldron, whose prior credits to Loki include Rick and Morty and Community, went on to tease Di Martino's place in the rest of the series, telling Cinema Blend: "Her energy is amazing. She does a great job in Episode 2, and their scene together and matching his energy there. It's really fun, albeit brief. I always knew in a show about branching timelines and variants and everything, we wanted to hold up a literal mirror to Loki. And, and so, you know, this is one of the ways we're going to do it."

Credit simply as "The Variant" in the series, some fans have already begun to predict that Di Martino's character isn't actually a version of Loki but perhaps someone else in disguise as a Loki. In any event their plan to sew chaos on the timeline is already in full swing as the episode concludes with TVA "reset charges" going off in countless locations across the Marvel Cinematic Universe including places like Asgard, Titan, Jotunheim, Xandar, and even Ego the Living Planet.

It's unclear what the next episode will bring but as the episode wrapped up Tom Hiddleston's Loki jumped into the same portal that Di Martino's character had just walked through, meaning that the two characters will share the screen even more in episode 3 of the series.

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